Here we go again

Although I have organized numerous trade shows in my 13 years in this industry, the upcoming ICE is extra special.

This is the first ICE show which we attend as the new IGT – the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company. This obviously brings a lot of changes with it. The most obvious being the sheer size of our booth. A staggering 1300m² have to be filled with products and a good infrastructure has to be created. It is quite overwhelming thinking of the 200+ products that we will be exhibiting. But when I get nervous, my trusty booth designer just keeps telling me “it’s the same thing as every year, just a bit bigger”. And I guess he is right. On the plus side, in addition to my colleagues that I have known and worked with for years, I have plenty of new colleagues all over the world who help me organizing this event.


The last week before Christmas does get a bit crazy as there’s lots of deadlines to meet before we break. I love how enthusiastic and motivated everybody is despite the long hours we have to put in to make it all work. And I am certain that it will be all worth it. The new products are great and I can’t wait to see them all on out booth and present them to our customers.


Stay tuned to this blog to find out more about the people behind the scenes of our ICE preparations.

For now I am wishing everybody peace, joy and happiness and a great holiday season.

Bye for now.

Nadine_Levermann_smallNadine Levermann
Senior Marketing Manager
Show organizer, babysitter and always around to solve all show related issues no matter how big or small.

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