A new star is born!

It is always a big thing for a Product Manager to present your products to customers. But this year at ICE, I am more excited than ever. Our brand new QUASAR™ VLT cabinet will be unveiled and hit the center stage at one of the largest gaming events in the world. And I hope … no, I am sure this product will set a new benchmark in the VLT market segment.


Our development teams have been working on this product for almost three years. It started with meetings with our key customers to understand their needs and expectations from a new product. Following detailed research we then sat together with our designers and asked them to develop what we had in mind, which was more or less a “Jack of all trades” device. What they came up with really exceeded my expectations, especially when I saw the first mockup in our prototype workshop. Also, selected customers who were invited to see the first concept were very much impressed.


We then knew that we are on the right track. But what is design without functionality? Exactly, just a modern art sculpture. But our development teams considered this from the beginning and designed a product around our key requirements. Also, the serviceability of the QUASAR™ VLT cabinet has further improved compared to previous product families, which will make life easier for customers and their service technicians. Last, but not least, ergonomics are one of the key aspects of QUASAR™. From the optimized height of the button deck to the position and angle of the screens, we’ve tried everything to make this cabinet perfect from an ergonomics perspective for all different types of players.

Are you as excited as I am? I hope so! And if you plan to come to the ICE show this year, it would be a pleasure for me to welcome you to the GTECH booth and show you our new QUASAR™ VLT cabinet.

Stefan Lackner
Product Manager for VLT/AWP, Cabinets and Hardware
Gaming Industry veteran, passionate networker, proud dad, sports addict, Ironman, Iron fist (Judo), Iron destroyer (Golf)…and always up for a beer when the show is over

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