Day 2 off to a great start

The build-up team had to wrap up well over the weekend to stand up against the freezing cold temperatures in the ExCeL exhibition center.  But except for the cold the build-up went very smoothly and everything on the GTECH booth was finished well in time.

Just before we were ready to leave our booth on Monday evening, all set up nice and pretty for the show start the next day, we were told that we have to take the floor up again. Apparently there was a major leak in some water pipes and the ceiling of the car park underneath was being flooded. So there we were watching them take up the carpet and bits of the floor on our booth looking for the source of the water. Luckily for us the pipes underneath our booth were all bone dry and we were able to get the floor back the way it was supposed to be.


The first day of ICE started as cold as the days before and we even had some snow. Once inside though the weather was quickly forgotten as customers started to arrive. Our products look great on the floor and there is a lot of interest to try out the latest and greatest concepts we are introducing on our booth.

Our barista team is extremely busy throughout the day. Everybody loves the different coffee specialties they have on offer. And the cocktails and finger food during our Happy Hour were a big hit again as well.

If day 2 and 3 of ICE will be as successful as the first day, this is going to be a great show.

If you haven’t done so, make sure to drop by and see for yourself.

Nadine Levermann
Senior Marketing Manager
Show organizer, babysitter and always around to solve all show related issues no matter how big or small.

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