ICE Training for GTECH Gaming Sales Team

This year, our ICE pre-show training and sales meeting was held at our offices in Luebbecke, Germany , offering a perfect training setting with  a nice meeting room and a showroom packed with our newest products

To get started we officially closed the last year, which was really successful for the EMEA region, before we started to talk about the outlook for 2015.

Full of positive emotions we were all eager to see the comprehensive product range planned for 2015 and to get to know the latest and greatest products and games.

After presentations of all new products we moved on to the most exciting part of the training – we had the chance to play all of our new games and try their features.


As we did not have enough machines to show all games at the same time, our colleagues from Technical Service proved their skills to change games “on the fly” and provided us with a perfect training and testing environment.

Experiencing new gaming worlds, new reel setups and of course the extended games library of our TRUE 3D™ product line – this was the program for the afternoon.

After a lot of testing and playing, we went to close off the day with discussions about the new products at an Argentinian steak house.

Now we can’t wait to show you all of our latest and greatest products on our booth at ICE London next week – come and see us there!

Michial_Kos_smallMichael Kos
Product Marketing Manager EMEA
Trying to place and advertise our products in a right way on the Casino floors. Give our market a voice in SPIELO. Thinking on how to do that during trips in the alps all over the year.

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