Innovating the future – Ideas WANTED!

Innovation is a quite frequently used term these days in order to underline the uniqueness and novelty of products or services offered, and to differentiate oneself from competitors.

However, in order to get to innovative results in most cases a good portion of human creativity is needed.

The big question is: Can everyone be creative?

My answer is yes. Let me try to explain why.

First of all a distinction is required to separate artistic creativity from problem-solving creativity. No doubt, artistic creativity of any flavor is a beautiful thing but won´t solve business problems and create market differentiators.

To produce such results systematically it is helpful to use available methods, tools and processes that support problem solving creativity.

There is a second good thing about these tools and methods: They can be learned and practiced by anyone.

As innovation manager it is one of my duties to connect and combine existing know-how and experiences within the company in order to generate high-quality output of different kinds: ideas, concepts, functionalities, or solutions that form the building blocks for the big things.

Let me give you a little insight into how such a creativity session may look like.

IMG_20120828_140839At the very beginning there is always the need for a session. Let´s pick GTECH’s True3D screen as an example and how the technology could be leveraged in future casino game concepts. This is an obvious question and should help to guide the group´s creativity efforts. But will it really work the way it is phrased? The answer is: No.

There is a simple reason for this. The question or need is phrased much too broadly and the group´s results will also be broad and therefore less specific and useful.

Proper preparation of methods, tools and a detailed upfront briefing increase the output quality significantly.

Forming a suitable group is another success factor. Diversity is important and should be considered when inviting participants. The quality of the outcome benefits from a broad range of differing perspectives, know-how and experiences.

At this point we have a well-briefed and diverse group of colleagues with a focused topic in a comfortable room waiting to have the session started. Now it is the role of a moderator to lead the group´s flow of ideas, ensure the group follows method rules and to stimulate their creativity flow if needed.

Lucky me, when preparing such sessions I get to invite many diverse colleagues from the organization to join our group and work with the most talented, trained and experienced colleagues on an ambitious task ..  It is always a real pleasure for me and it is fun for all of us!

We had many of such sessions in the past and just as many ideas found their way into our products successfully.

At this point let me invite you to come and visit us at our booth @ ICE15 to check out the latest inventions!

See you there!

Stefan Keilwert
Innovation Manager
Working in the gaming industry for more than 14 years. Passionate about novelty, diversity, True3D and beyond!

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