The Money Drop

behind_the_scenesI love a challenge. That’s why I decided to relocate from my home in Moncton, Canada to our studio in Graz, Austria almost two years ago. That’s also when I started a project that has become a truly international effort. The Money Drop.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Endemol, I designed two separate games for The Money Drop, the heart-pounding worldwide hit TV game show. A lot of the challenges were goals I set for myself. I wanted to make the game mechanic of the show (all-or-nothing trivia) work in a casino environment. I really wanted to give the player that feeling of control and excitement that comes with being a live contestant. So we hired an actress/model as the host of our ‘show’ and incorporated her video and audio into the various game events.

We’ve successfully finished a standalone North American casino version of the game (developed in Moncton) as well as a linked version (developed in Belgrade, Serbia). Our art team was located in Montreal, Canada and our host is from London where we shot her scenes.

It’s been quite a ride. Keeping track of all those moving pieces has been a challenge to say the least. But every day was new and different and my inbox was never, ever boring. That’s one of my favorite parts of my job as a Game Producer. I get to see an idea grow and form into a real playable, engaging game.

bills_on_tallySeeing the results come together over the last few months has been extremely rewarding. Now, when YOU play The Money Drop, you control the game, you are on the show and you can win the jackpot! When I play The Money Drop, I see and hear the contribution of dozens of people worldwide who have helped make it fun, exciting and compelling. Now that it’s finished, I’m ready for the next challenge!

Post_Peter_smallPeter Post
Senior Game Producer
Veteran Game Producer, singer, songwriter & musician. Avid traveler and huge fan of creating content and Collaborative Creativity.

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