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Guido_web Every year I am the first to arrive in London for the ICE set-up. But soon to follow is always Guido Bessler with his technical service team. They are the guys in charge of setting up all the machines and signages. Together we have travelled many countries and set-up numerous trade show booths over the years.

Guido, ICE 2015 is just around the corner, any thoughts on it?

This is the 17th ICE show that I will be working at. On the one hand I and my team are very experienced by now and there is nothing much that can surprise us anymore. But on the other hand there is something new every year and that is great because this way the show set-up never gets boring.

What were the most memorable show set-ups you have done over the years?

IMG_2732There have been many incidents that I will always remember. For example years ago in Asia one of the booth construction team cut straight through the main power cord and managed to blow the fuse on all of our machines.

And if I think back to when ICE still took place at Earls Court 1, and in the very early years even upstairs at Earls Court 1, that was a very different set-up and break down than it is today at ExCeL. Everything that came in, including ourselves when we got to work each morning, had to go up in the heavy duty freight elevator. Apart from worrying each time to get stuck in these elevators (they were quite old and did not look very trustworthy) it took a long time to get all the equipment into the halls and out of them again after the show. I remember countless hours that we spent sitting around after the show closed waiting for our pallets and packaging materials to come back up in the elevators. But luckily there usually were a few drinks left after the show which helped to pass the time.

What is the most challenging task at show set-ups?

Build-Up_6Setting up the signages is always an adventure. By now we have become quite the experts on this and have the right equipment for setting up big and heavy signages. Years ago that was very different and I remember scenes were I was worried that a 25K Euro sign would just crash to the ground. Luckily nothing like that ever happened but it has earned me a few grey hairs over the years.

But even after so many shows, the ICE set-up is still one of the nicest jobs throughout the year as it doesn’t happen very often that all of the Technical Service team works on the same project. It is a great opportunity to spend some time with colleagues, be it from our own department or others that we don’t get to see throughout the year.

That I can definitely agree to. I look forward to working on yet another show with you and your team!

Bye for now!

Nadine_Levermann_smallNadine Levermann
Senior Marketing Manager
Show organizer, babysitter and always around to solve all show related issues no matter how big or small.

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