TRUE 3D™ from a Product Manager’s Perspective

Dan Landry and myself are Product Managers for GTECH’s TRUE 3D product line. Dan is taking care of the hardware and especially the merchandizing, whilst I’m responsible for the overall business case and the platform software.

The TRUE 3D™ product line was launched for international markets at ICE 2014, so in the past year we focused on the support of the initial installations and on identifying and quickly solving any potential technical issues that might have shown up during these installations.


One thing that we found out was that certain illumination conditions could impact the 3D experience, so together with our 3D partner we developed a software update that also takes these conditions into consideration.

At this point we’re very proud to report that the launch was a huge success and we´re enjoying the overwhelmingly positive reaction from players around the world. The game performance of SPHINX 3D™ is excellent and we are happy to see that the demand for this very special product is still increasing.

The second major topic last year was the extension of our content library for the TRUE 3D product line. At this year’s ICE visitors will get to see and try 4 new titles: BEJEWELED 3D™ (based on the highly successful POPCAP™ license), DREAMS OF ASIA 3D™, ALADDIN´s FORTUNE 3D™ and DRAGON´s TEMPLE 3D™. All of these themes were carefully handpicked to ensure our TRUE 3D product is backed up with high performing and entertaining game titles. Which will be YOUR favorite?

Dan put a lot of effort into creating beautiful merchandizing for these titles – he regularly discusses and elaborates the basic concepts from our game designers together with 3rd party companies, then refines these concepts to find the ideal combination of visual appearance and costing targets, and finally reviews the first prototypes to check which and where modifications are required.

We are both very proud to show you our latest and greatest TRUE 3D titles at ICE 2015.

What Dan likes a lot about his work is the fact that the results can be touched and looked at immediately. Also, the close cooperation with game designers and 3rd party companies and the knowledge that it takes to create something outstanding is something that Dan, despite many years in his role, is still enthusiastic about.

On the platform side, much of 2014 was focused on implementing feedback from customers across international markets into our new software platform that was introduced together with TRUE 3D and MaXVusion™.


We added functionality required for many additional international markets so that TRUE 3D will be available for the majority of international casino markets.

Overall, stability and maturity of the platform turned out to be very satisfying which not only makes the developers proud but also myself as the platform software Product Manager.

Dan and I are very much looking forward to showing the latest designs and game versions to our customers at ICE – see you there!

Kropf_Matthias_smallMatthias Kropf
Product Manager
Economist, science fiction nerd. Enjoys working in the casino industry, hardly ever leaves a party among the first and is looking forward to ICE 2015

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