Meet the Service Team

Our theme for this year’s G2E is “Your Winning Combination.” This message is meant to describe the end-to-end portfolio of gaming solutions from Interactive to systems, and from games to hardware that we deliver to our valued Customers from around the world. The theme can also be applied to the team behind G2E – the engine that drives IGT’s sprawling exhibit at North America’s largest gaming trade show.

In today’s blog we will meet a few of the service professional who play integral roles IGT’s G2E booth set up.

One of our service techs making a fashion statement, turning our lanyards into IGT suspenders.The majority of G2E attendees have the pleasure of showing up on the first day of the show and are greeted with freshly laid carpet, our machines up and running and a booth that is sparkly clean. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. On the other hand, when our Service Team arrives to the site of our future booth, they are welcomed by cement floors, dust, and transport trucks unloading our equipment. IGT’s Service Team is another example of our Winning Combination. Today, I will spotlight three IGT technicians - one member is from the legacy IGT organization and two members are from the legacy GTECH organization. G2E 2015 marks the first time that we have all worked together and I am happy to say that the transition has been seamless! These are just three of the many technicians who will help get us show-ready. Although all three professionals are very different, I have discovered that they all share one trait: they are all the strong and silent types, who prefer doing instead of discussing how it gets done. I was lucky to spend some time with them just before set up started.

Chris inspecting the sign before it goes up. Chris McFarlane

Chris comes from Canada and is responsible for in-house tech support for our Moncton Office. He keeps all the programmers and testers going with up-to-date and fully functional gaming machines for whatever markets they may be working on. Leading up to G2E he is the lead technician for all the products coming from Canada.

Jon Anderson and Travis Dugger

The dynamic duo of field Service supervisors Jon Anderson and Travis Dugger are based in Las Vegas. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of IGT’s service department. They ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently and in compliance with the high-quality standards that set IGT apart from our competitors. Leading up to G2E, they dedicate countless hours to G2E preparation and planning ensures a successful set up, in addition to their regular duties.

I sat down with Chris, Jon and Travis to ask them a few questions about their careers and thoughts on G2E.

LH: Jon, I think you and I have worked together the longest? If my calculations are right, we have worked together for seven years now. One of the things that I appreciate the most about you is that no matter what is going on around us, you are always so calm and collected. Do you ever get stressed?

JA: I’ll never tell!  (I told you! The strong silent type!)

LH: Fair enough, what is your biggest challenge during the set up?

JA: The whole thing really, making sure we complete everything on time.

LH: Chris, this is your 6th G2E, do you ever worry that we won’t get done in time?

CM: Of course I worry!  Worrying is what keeps me on my toes, no matter what the show will go on -- whether we are ready or not. Every year around this time I think my hair gets to a little more grey.

LH: Travis, you have been with IGT now for 10 years, what would you say is the key to a successful set up?

TD: Preparation and the right people are definitely key. You can accomplish anything with the right people involved…oh and apparently peanut M&M’s are a big factor in a successful G2E as well!

  LH: Good to know, I will make sure that we have plenty of M&M’s on hand in the next few days while we set up!

LH: Jon what is your favorite part of the show? 

They can run but they can’t hide from our cameras, Travis and Jon working away.

JA: The camaraderie. I love coming together with everyone to work hard and build something beautiful and something that we can proudly stand behind. I have been very fortunate to have worked side-by-side with some great team members and am looking forward to working with a whole new team at this show!

LH: Chris how about you? What is your favorite part about G2E?

CM:  There are two things that I really enjoy about G2E.  First, I always enjoy meeting and seeing colleagues that I wouldn’t normally get to interact with; not only from IGT, but from our suppliers and customers as well.  Second, G2E gives me an immense sense of accomplishment I enjoy looking at the booth fully completed and knowing how much went into making it happen. Additionally, I enjoy the pride that comes with knowing you helped create something, that for those three days, will serve as the absolute representation of your company.  

LH: Travis, you and I discussed how our sleep patterns are disrupted leading up to the show. Do you dream of all the things you have to do the following day during the G2E planning and set up season?

TD: There is very little sleep! My mind races leading up to and during the show. I sleep with a notepad next to my bed. I wake up and write things down so I don’t forget anything. LH: What will you do when it’s all over?

TD: I want to say sleep! I’ll probably take a day or two to relax and then start planning for next year.

Thank you gentlemen, we need to wrap it up now and get this show started!

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