Meet the Team: Jennifer Bowman

Yesterday we met with Jennifer Fales; today I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Bowman.

Jennifer Bowman Jennifer, can you give us a brief overview of what you do?

I am responsible for the global Product Marketing of all commercial gaming products (excluding premium products), International Field Marketing and global Sales Enablement.  I lead a diverse group of individuals that is based around the world.

I love that in Product Marketing I am integrated into the new product introduction launch process to ensure that we have the right assets in place to properly market our games on property, as well as crafting integrated global campaigns from the “product launch” through the “sustain” phases. 

The Field Marketing teams that I lead are full of passionate individuals who are close to both our customers and the IGT sales teams. These relationships help my team ensure that the campaign content, regional trade shows and customer events that we host will resonate with the consumer and add value to the sales process. 

In my Sales Enablement role, I am responsible for the sales training and communication channels to ensure that all departments can provide sales the right information, at the right time, to move an opportunity forward. 

How long have you been with IGT?

March 2015 just marked my 15th service anniversary. Given that there are child labor laws in countries where we operate, it is easy to guess my age by my answer so in a few years I might start answering that my previous roles were in a gaming time-warp continuum and all time is relative. 

You are from the US, how did you end up in London?

In my 15 years of service I have actually had 12 different roles within IGT, based in four cities and three countries. I started in Las Vegas in the Compliance department, moved to Reno after the IGT acquisition of Anchor Games and became heavily involved in SAP integrations, particularly with a product compliance focus. I moved to Holland 10 years ago as the International Product Manager which was a combination role of product, marketing and compliance. The most recent chapter of my career brought me to London three years ago where I focus on Marketing and Sales Enablement. My favorite thing about the gaming industry, beyond the people in the industry, is that if you are interested in learning there are so many opportunities. I wanted to live in Europe as a small child and working with IGT continues to provide me that opportunity, as well as a career growth path!

In your opinion, how does this year compare to year’s past?

There is a palpable energy across all the teams as we build the new IGT together; it’s exciting and I am proud of being part of the momentum. I love that the company is infused with enthusiasm, both to do what is right for the Customer and to construct a great company culture amongst colleagues. There is a focus on stepping back and asking, not how are we doing things, but “how are we going to go forward to meet the demands of the market in the right way?”

What has been your team’s biggest challenge this year?

I believe our biggest challenge is to continually ask if there is something that we could do that would be innovative and groundbreaking and executed in a way that leads to a meaningful go to market strategy. We do all this at the same time as learning all the new channels, key stakeholders and decision makers in the new IGT. In each of our staff meetings we consistently find ourselves asking: is there anything that we have left out, if this is the art of the possible, what would we design, are there any new talents on the team that we are not leveraging to full capacity? I think it is critical that we ask these questions during our most demanding times, so that we are always crafting the possibility of greatness.

With so much planned this year, what are you the most excited about?

I am incredibly proud to work for a company that is unparalleled in the industry for breadth and depth of portfolio and passionate about serving the customer in an innovative and valuable construct. I love the transparency of the conversations that are happening at every level in the organization about innovation, leadership and how to properly address a market to be the most impactful.

This is my new favorite question, leading up to the show, do you dream of G2E?

I actually have recurring dreams about work events year round, not only G2E. It usually involves me being super excited to be at an event and then spend most of the time running from venue to venue trying to find missing people who are in between meetings. I figure if my biggest stress is trying to move sales from meeting to meeting, then we are doing something right!

How important is teamwork in your group?

My team is incredible! They are a diverse group of 19 individuals who are ridiculously talented and dedicated to improving their craft. Every group member is passionate about what he or she is working on and excited about the possibility of being part of something bigger than themselves. They are committed to gaming and understand how exciting it is to work in marketing and in the entertainment industry. 

My group is just one of many within the larger marketing organization, each with their own remits and specialties that are completely interdependent on each other for success. It’s impossible for me to call out just one or two of my team members because I have seen them make heroic efforts over the last six months to not only integrate into a combined team across organizations in a new structure, but also to meet changing demands for our programs and collateral. They all keep a great sense of humor and understand that they are responsible for projecting the great story, quality and passion of our products into the market from awareness all the way through on-floor launch activation. Each day, I strive to give my team the transparency needed to make great decisions, to give them the confidence that they feel valued and to give them the confidence that we are developing career paths to retain our talent and teams efficacy.

Thank you Jennifer for your time!

In tomorrow’s blog we will meet a few of the men who work behind the scenes to make things happen!

Liette Hebert
Marketing Manager, Public Gaming & Tradeshows

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