Meet the Team: Jennifer Fales

Some use the phrase “It takes a village” to describe the teamwork required to pull off a project as large as IGT’s G2E booth. We feel, however that the teamwork needed to produce a trade show booth as dynamic as IGT’s can be better described as the work of an entire state…. and not just any state! We’re talking a big, Texas-sized state!

Over the next two weeks we will introduce you to some of the IGT team members who have worked behind-the-scenes on this year’s G2E. Our next two blog posts will feature “The Jennifer's". Yes we have two of them – Jennifer Fales and Jennifer Bowman, both IGT Directors for Marketing. They are integral players in making G2E 2015 a successful event and helping to ensure that our booth demonstrates the Winning Combination of the new IGT.

Jennifer Fales

Let’s start with Jennifer Fales:

Jennifer can you describe the role of you and your team?

My team and I oversee all marketing activity for the Casino Premium product category.  Products range from Wheel of Fortune and MegaBucks to Ellen and culturally enriched titles like San Xing Bao Xi. 

How long have you been with the company?

I’ve been with IGT for just over 3 years and spent 9 years on the operator side before joining the company. 

How does this year compare to years past?

This year has been very exciting as we brought together the two companies and cultures. Our product offerings this year is one of the most robust that I’ve seen since joining IGT. 

When it comes to G2E, what are you the most excited about?

The most exciting part is seeing it all come together.  After spending months working on lots of little details, it’s wonderful and gratifying to stand at the front of the booth on the first morning of G2E and see everything completed. 

Leading up to the show, do you dream of G2E?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s amazing what I wake up thinking about in the middle of the night.  It’s also amazing the things we end up researching and Googling in the months leading up to the show.  In marketing, we’re always researching trends, brands, competitors – you name it, you’ll find it in my Google history.

Following my new phrase “It takes a state”, how important is teamwork?

Teamwork is so important for something the magnitude of G2E. We’re literally creating a mini-casino from the ground up every year.  A big shout out to my team of Lynn Wetzel and Allison Alexander who do much of the heavy lifting! 

Since this year’s G2E wasn’t challenging enough for Jennifer, she and her husband decided that having a baby around the same time as G2E, would be good “fun”. Lol! Jen, your baby is almost due, what happens if you go into labor during the show?

That would definitely be a nightmare.  Every year is a marathon to survive, so not sure exactly how it will go this time around at 9 months pregnant! 

Update: I am happy to report that Jennifer had her baby last week; mother and new baby boy are doing fine and resting at home. We don’t expect to see her on the trade show floor!

Liette Hebert
Marketing Manager, Public Gaming & Tradeshows

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