Delivering Real-Time Solutions

I look forward to ICE 2016 and the opportunity to connect with customers. It is a great venue where we can listen to operators and hear what is important to them.

Our vision has always been to leverage technology to excite players and increase ROI for the operator. The choice of technology, functionality and the roadmap priorities are based on customer input. ICE is the place for joining these conversations, sharing ideas and seeing product demos.

IGT Analytics

We are committed more than ever to the systems business that is experiencing great momentum. We fully intend to capitalize this momentum at the trade show and will showcase several new mobile applications that deliver real-time capabilities to operators and players. Consumers are becoming accustomed to having their needs met in real-time right where they are. For example, Apple and Starbucks have adapted this concept and deliver the appropriate experience using mobile applications that can be used in-store and online.  This is especially relevant when it comes to the millennial demographic and acquiring players in gaming.

Tournament Manager

Our mission is to deliver multi-channel real-time capabilities to reduce friction and increase the velocity of money on the casino floors and online.

Join us in London for an exciting preview of IGT’s Winning Combination of games, systems and solutions.

Sina Miri
VP/GM IGT Systems
20-year high-tech veteran with experience developing products and services for growth companies of various sizes.

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