ICE -- Here’s the Story

Yes, the story. Developing and delivering IGT’s ICE story plays a central role in the Company’s trade show preparation efforts. In this context the term “story” is not used to define a fictitious narrative, but rather, IGT’s story about the facts relating to the Company, its executives and its products and solutions. With a company our size, the story is always evolving, and a trade show represents a moment in time where we can seize the opportunity to highlight the Company’s progress and our competitive advantages. It’s what we promise to our valued customers; it reflects our objectives for the show, conveys our product strategy, and relays our vision for the future.


IGT has a dedicated team of professionals who lead IGT’s storytelling in advance of, during, and after trade shows. For ICE, this story development process starts months before the actual trade show kicks off, often long before the design of IGT’s booth has even been defined. How does IGT go about telling its story? Allow us to explain….

The first step is gathering all the relevant info. Which products we’ll feature and which products are most relevant for our attending customers, the market? From there, we examine that information about those products we can leverage as a key differentiator between IGT and anyone else.  Is it a special technology, feature or license?  Is it a new adaptation of a fan-favorite game, or an industry first?  These and other unique propositions help formulate a story, which the team then determines how to weave into the greater IGT messages. Next, we identify audiences, spokespeople, timing and the most appropriate delivery channels.


Gaming trade media such as Global Gaming Business, G3 and Casino International are examples of vehicles we use to tell our ICE story. We draft ICE preview articles that serve as “sneak peeks” in terms of what our customers can expect to see in IGT’s stand once the trade show doors have opened. We also seek out and facilitate media interview opportunities for our senior leaders so they may tell, in their own words, the vision and strategy behind IGT’s ICE presence. Once the ribbon is cut and the trade show officially opens to guests, we host a variety of journalists in our booth, as an opportunity to familiarize them with our products, deliver key messages and further build the overall IGT story. In addition, we act as Company spokespeople in various capacities – for on air interviews, booth tours, and in conversations on and off the trade show floor.


Another tool we use to tell IGT’s story is a news release. We issue a primary press release for the show and then announce any subsequent news that takes place during the show, such as winning major awards, sales agreements and more.

Once ICE closes, we work with media to address any unanswered questions, get them follow-up information and also reach out to any relevant player-focused channels to help guide additional media coverage

That’s the story and we’re sticking to it. As we march toward ICE 2016, we’re actively telling IGT’s ICE story. We invite you to listen in.

Phil O’Shaughnessy
Director Global Corporate Communications
Michelle Schenk
Public Relations Manager
Ortal Dahan
Public Relations Representative

We are the storytellers and gatekeepers. As a team, we manage all gaming-related global communications internally and externally. We’re sharing the excitement about IGT’s coolest innovations at ICE!

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