Why I love ICE

I love ICE! More accurately, I love trade shows! There is no better way to capture the energy and love that individuals have for an industry under one single roof than at a show.

I think of a trade show as an iceberg.  What the world sees is only 10 percent of all the actual effort that goes into a successful event. It's only the 10 percent that gets to shine brightly in the sun on display, but oh what a sight it is to behold!  

The entire gaming industry puts forth its premier showcase with innovative games that are the brain-child of development think-tanks. Chrome is polished to a high sheen and systems servers are whirring beneath the buzz of networking colleagues.  As if that wasn't enough to get the crowd amped up, the colours and lights flashing on every stand prove our commitment to this industry based on fun and entertainment.


I get such a boost of energy during each show! After the tireless hours of planning and hard work that goes into ICE, the results are always worth the effort. We start planning for ICE six months in advance with an entire core team dedicated to bringing its expertise to the show floor.  From product development, product management, technical services, logistics, manufacturing, sales and marketing, all these entities form an alliance and commit to success.  The results driven by hundreds of man hours and dedication are nothing short of incredible.

From the floor network cable being placed through the final polish during installation, all the efforts are incrementally rewarded. Finally, the first day arrives and I am amazed at what has been accomplished. Every year, every show, I stand back and take it all in, gazing at the stand, the million different elements that come together to showcase our products and services and am in absolute awe! It's an incredible feat to bring together a show the magnitude of ICE and I am proud of my team and our industry every year.


I am so grateful that when I walk on the floor at ICE, I am surrounded by brilliant, genuine and exciting professionals committed to the gaming industry. I love greeting so many friends, from those that I see only once a year, to those I frequently work with, and having dedicated time to listen to what is happening in their individual markets. I love being able to demonstrate one of our latest products and see eyes light up when people realise they are looking at something truly innovative and remarkable.

Along with the buzz and excitement, ICE serves as a platform to reaffirm my commitment to my colleagues, to bring my best work to the industry, and to be a positive influence in the gaming industry.

Jennifer Bowman
Director, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement
Avid traveller, adventure seeker, joy-loving industry marketer whose laugh always reaches ears before she enters the room!

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