Innovation Starts Here

When asked about the relevance of innovation, most companies would state that it’s of high value, and that they are working to increase their professional and institutionalized innovation management. Some elements and features included in this are trend scouting, idea generations and evaluations, fostering a culture of innovation, and control innovations.

IGT is passionate about practicing systematic innovation management because we are convinced that good ideas are not products of chance. G2E gives us the great opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and we are particularly excited about this year’s event. Visit our booth to find out why!

Shows like G2E provide the possibility for our innovation team to see how novel products and features originated and transformed into market-ready products get presented to the public.


My team and I see ourselves as advocates of players, and we operate at the forefront of innovation. Sometimes, our work begins months and mostly years ahead of product development with the focus on gaming experiences of the future. When a new concept is integrated for development into a roadmap, we are already working on the next project. Nevertheless, it is always fascinating to observe the high competence and power of the entire product development organization turning a futuristic concept into a full-fledged product in short development cycles.

True innovations are those meeting the novelty requirement while building the foundation for commercial success for IGT. Additionally, it is particularly important to develop true innovations for our customers so our products can enhance existing player needs while attracting new player segments or even new player generations.

It is our clear objective to generate true innovations systematically.

Stefan Keilwert
Innovation Manager
Working in the gaming industry for more than 16 years. Passionate about novelty, diversity, True3D and beyond!

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