Innovations That Make Life Easier

I love attending G2E, even though it can be a very hectic three days! One of the best things about my job is presenting new and exciting products like IGT PlaySpotTM to customers, and where better to showcase it than Las Vegas, the home of gaming!

When talking to customers at the show, innovation is a word that we are always happy to hear in relation to our concept. To us, it means bringing together new ways of doing things; getting inspiration from other industries and technologies; studying player trends on mobile gaming and console gaming; then applying what we learn to create exciting gaming concepts.

Equally important to producing something new, is the player experience we create. Our technology aims to give the user what they want without the need to search for it. We not only want to create something that will capture the imagination of players, but also allow them to do what they want, in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible. This is the philosophy that drives a lot of our development – because good technology is what makes life easier!

This year, we are particularly excited to introduce back betting to the US market, which we debuted at G2E Asia earlier this year. This new app lets players bet at multiple live baccarat tables simultaneously on their mobile device from any location within a property where gaming is allowed. It means more convenience for players and more revenue for operators.

G2E isn’t just a three-day event for me, but the culmination of a year’s work - making sure product developments are ready and that we can present them in the best possible way to customers. In addition to back betting, further advancement to our sports betting offering, virtual sports and a new-look PlaySpot application means that we have a lot to talk about at this year’s show!

Christian Bugno
Product Marketing Manager
Driven to create new and unique experiences for users with the latest technology and delivery methods.

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