Making a Sequel

When our longtime partners, Action Gaming, approached us last year with a game introduced as, ‘Freakin’ Streakin’, the room was abuzz with optimism. We knew we’d experienced something special, and knew we had do it right. It reminded me of a Star Wars script that 30 years later allowed for the reappearance of a great character in the sequel, Star Wars VII.

The original Ultimate X Video Poker game is the single greatest standalone multi-hand title that IGT had the great opportunity to claim. Similar to making the original Star Wars years ago, there were hurdles to overcome in developing the original Ultimate X theme. There were concerns about the cost of the game and overall, it was a giant risk to take. What Star Wars and Han Solo did for cinema, Ultimate X changed the video poker landscape. For players, Ultimate X is literally a force multiplier.


If you have a winning hand in Ultimate X, the game delivers multipliers on the following hand. One of the most exciting things about Ultimate X is that a string of winning hands can lead to a string of multipliers. However, in order to get a streak of multipliers you have to keep getting winning hands. One of the “disturbances in the force” is the anticipation of having a multiplier, followed by disappointment if you don’t have a win on the very next hand.

We recognized that ‘Freaking Streakin’ solved this problem by awarding several multipliers in a string for a winning hand. We believed this was a compelling addition, and decided to name the sequel, Ultimate X Bonus Streak. We created the art; unique in its own right, but close enough to be easily recognizable.


We know this much – people love the original. In the end, players will decide the merit of this sequel.

G2E is a time for reflection. Looking back on the year, we’ve worked hard to build these games and the innovation that occurred as a result. This G2E, we are proud to present the sequel to the best performing multi-hand video poker game of all time. May the force be with you.

Trevor Lynch
Senior Content Manager – Video Poker
Lives and breathes the player experience. Located in Reno, NV with his lovely wife and 2 young daughters.

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