Teaching an old dog new tricks - What does Innovation at Play mean to me when it comes to poker?

My team is constantly looking for new ways to innovate, and that includes exploring beyond our product line at the most successful features in non-poker games. We aim to find the most exciting elements, even if they come from a non-traditional poker setting. This makes games more fun for players, and we look forward to introducing our latest innovations to customers at G2E!


One of the latest standout poker products is the Slot & Go tournament. This game was released in Italy and incorporates a slot feature. What do I mean by a slot feature? Traditionally in poker tournaments, the available prize pool is the sum of all the players’ buy-ins. However, in the Slot & Go format, the prize pool is randomly chosen at the start of the tournament according to pay outs and probabilities defined in a pay table.

It’s a true casino/poker hybrid and players love it! Here’s why:

  • Players can potentially win a jackpot prize from a small stake (up to 3000x stake)
  • The prize pool draw and accompanying animation builds the excitement as much as possible at the start of the game
  • It appeals to recreational and casino player segments, as a fast, thrilling and easy format to play

Poker Challenges is another IGT innovation that I am proud of demonstrating at the show. It’s a tournament format that draws inspiration from gaming and sports betting by incorporating a “score” for each player. There is no elimination in this tournament, and players instead aim to earn the highest score that they can. This new twist puts a ground-breaking spin on the game, incentivising more gameplay and risk taking to make the game even more fun for players.

Both of these IGT poker formats will be showcased at G2E and we can’t wait to demo these to our customers!

You tell me - what are the most appealing elements from other products or games that you’d like to see incorporated into future IGT poker products?

Ashley Chase
Head of Poker Product
Making Poker More Fun through Innovation and aiming to provide the best environment for recreational players.

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