What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been

With the merger well behind us, we’ve spent the last year working like crazy to get our games ready for the show and it’s been quite a trip. We’re in the final sprint to cross the G2E finish line. To say I’m proud of what we’ve done is an understatement. I’m blown away. I’ve spent the year working with many of our studios who are making some exceptional games. Lately, as these projects are coming together and getting their last-minute polish, we hear the word ‘wow’ a lot. I suspect we’ll hear it a lot more once the show opens in a few weeks.


I can’t think of very many projects that aren’t pushing boundaries this year. New technologies, new game mechanics and new ways to build player excitement are going to be all over our booth. I think one of the cool things, besides having our customers and industry peers see our progress, is showing off our innovation to each other. With so many studios worldwide, we’re all working to bring our best games to G2E. We get to experience the unveiling of everyone’s hard work and share in the teams’ collective success when we come together for G2E. It becomes our own show and tell. And this year, it’s really going to be a sight to see.

Not only is our booth going to be jammed with more innovation that we’ve seen in a very long time, it’s also going to be filled with proud people like me who can’t wait to show it off!

Peter Post
Senior Content Manager
Veteran Game Producer, singer, songwriter & musician. Avid traveler and huge fan of creating content and Collaborative Creativity.

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