What inspires me for G2E?

Every year, the culmination of passions, struggles, and late night heroics starts and ends with G2E. It's the finish line for many products, but it’s also the starting line for many more.

Viewing your competition's playbook for three short days is incredibly inspiring. It provides insight into how others are addressing similar, if not identical problems and opportunities... the same ones we wrestle with daily.

Today’s Class III gaming is more competitive than ever, and discovering ways to differentiate ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult. We are holding ourselves to a much higher standard because we have to, and this directly challenges every discipline involved in designing these new experiences.

Game design and presentation are the most important aspects of what makes a great game, and is where we focus the majority of our efforts. The synergy between these two disciplines is integral to a game’s success. Getting either of those wrong can create a cacophony of noise and disdain. So generating an exciting, rewarding experience and delivering a big win from time to time is what we focus on.


How we produce that winning excitement is where the innovation comes in...

My philosophy on finding inspiration is one that I try to practice every day, and that is to be constantly aware of what’s around me. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but only if you're paying attention. It’s easy to take for granted great design and innovation because our world is so flooded with it. For example, the user interface of our new phone; the emotion we felt when we almost achieved a goal on a favorite social game; the texture of a 3D font in a movie intro, etc. We are exposed to inspiring things every day, it just takes a conscious effort to stop and think about what is making it tick, identify what is appealing, figure out how it relates to our world, write it down, and then let it evolve!

Great ideas usually are not instantaneous, but almost always leverage a past inspirational inventory. With focus, refinement, a few sleepless nights, and a little luck, it might just become the next great product of tomorrow.

Alex White
Game Producer
Artist, Musician, Avid Gamer, Proud Father.

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