Where Technology Is Going

It has been fascinating living in the Reno, NV area my entire life. I never knew a life where a slot machine wasn’t available in every store imaginable. I’ve always been intrigued by the premise of and advances in gaming. I was a restaurant server when I witnessed the largest advancement in technology (to date) and that was TITO; it has forever changed gaming. We have also seen advancements in video reel games – the way they look, sound, and function; combined with the size of the games. The most important thing that I have learned about the technological advances is, it doesn’t matter how pretty, visually stunning, or if it plays music from your favorite musician, if the math isn’t correct, the game will not succeed.

So where is technology heading? It has to be the advances in 3D technology and skill-based gaming. No one has come close to matching the innovation and 3D graphical appearance of Sphinx 3D and the themes that have followed. The technology is fascinating; and this is only the beginning. The entertainment value is going to skyrocket.


In addition to the 3D technology we have been developing skill-based games with themes such as Tully’s Treasure Hunt, Aladdin, Atari Centipede and Race Ace. We’ve learned how to advance skill-based games through trial and error. By some, these types of games are considered “the future of gaming,” and are often considered to be appealing to a younger player demographic.


We are taking technology to new heights and IGT will continue to offer cutting edge gaming technology. Check out the Company’s technology on TRUE 3D products and test your skills on the latest skill-based games that we will be showing at G2E this year.

Jed Ingalls
Product Market Manager
Has been with IGT for 10 years. Enjoys skiing, triathlon, Lake Tahoe, hiking, camping, boating and gaming.

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