Catch the Winning Spirit at NIGA


Most of us in gaming are familiar with this conversation:  The moment when the person next to you on a plane or at a party finds out you’re in gaming and asks if you can tell them what games are going to hit a big jackpots next.

We chuckle as if it’s the first time someone has made that joke, maybe then counter with a “believe me, if I knew that…” line.  But, it hardly satisfies the inquiry.  So, over the years, I’ve developed a new response that has me feeling like E.F. Hutton when others start listening in and even taking notes.

What I share with them is not a secret, but the stats are so impressive that they command attention.  So, what do I share?  IGT’s jackpot power.  If your players want to win big, IGT’s record of paying life-changing jackpots is unsurpassed.  No other slots even come close to the over $6 Billion (yes, Billion) in jackpots paid directly to players.  Last year alone, IGT paid over $29 Million to Native American properties.

Wheel of Fortune® slots account for over half of these with $3 Billion + in jackpots awarded.  A major jackpot hits on average every 46 hours on Wheel of Fortune slots.  In fact, IGT has created over 1,000 millionaires on these slots.  And, Megabucks® is still going strong after 30 years, offering the largest slot jackpots across the country.  The Native American link now resets at an impressive $3M. So, the next time, you’re asked which games to play, direct them to these top jackpot payers on your floor for a win/win.


While we’re on the topic of winning. Let’s talk about ways we can help you win. Beyond being able to provide you big jackpot liquidity without financial risk, we are always thinking of ways to help you win.  That’s what inspired the Proven Performers we’re bringing to NIGA this week. We’ve redesigned player-favorite games on new cabinets with enhanced graphics and sounds and more MLP jackpot action, like the new Fort Knox® Video Slots and Super Red Hot Jackpots® Slots.  But, the Proven Performers, our new Core games are player-tested and ready to win.  Check out the hot new titles. By now, you may be thinking, “Ok, I see how players can win and my floor can win, but what about me?  How do I win?” Well, here’s a little preview of some of the in-booth promotions you can enjoy…and maybe even win some fabulous prizes too.

  • Take a demo of our Fort Knox Video Slots then take a crack at opening our virtual vault for a chance to win $100K, a 1g Gold Bar or other prizes.
  • Got skills? Test your pinball skills against others with ongoing daily tournaments.  Top of the leaderboard each day, wins a pair of Sony headphones.
  • Pop in for a Spinsplosion of fun on our new Spinsplosion tournament games for a chance to win a fun prize.
  • And, everyone’s a winner with Super Red Hot Jackpots. While supplies last, stop by and score a box of red hot candies.

Come catch the winning spirit in our booth #1035 this year at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention. We hope you have pleasant travels to San Diego.  And, should the person sitting next to you on the plane ask which machines are winners, remember the handy jackpot stats from Wheel of Fortune® Slots and Megabucks Slots and share the winning message.

Allison AlexanderAllison Alexander
Global Integrated Marketing Strategist
With IGT for seven years in various roles, currently manages the product marketing for Wheel of Fortune®, House of Cards, Megabucks and other top brands.

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