Creating Unprecedented Gameplay

Creating Unprecedented Gameplay

Franz Pierer is one of IGT’s longtime talented game producers, based in Austria. He has been with the Company for 14 years, and has played a significant role in the development of major entertainment products like SPHINX 3D™ and ZUMA 3D™.

As a game producer, Franz oversees the initial game concept to writing the game’s storyboard and also guides the project team from design kick-off to the final product release. Given this background, we’re excited to learn more about Franz’s vision for this year’s ICE:

You’ve designed the extremely successful SPHINX 3D game, and SPHINX 4D™, which will debut in Europe at the upcoming ICE show. Which of the game’s features do you like best and why?

My personal favorite is one of the bonuses which will debut at ICE. There’s a lot of 4D-magic involved and I look forward to showcasing this innovative feature at the show. I really like the magic symbol drawing in the base game. Since G2E we further developed this feature: Now the player can change the time of day by drawing a sun/moon into midair on the screen, and also do other fancy stuff like evoke a lightning feature or call butterflies… and there is even more to come.

4D Magic

Why do you think SPHINX 3D has created such great gaming entertainment?

Our glasses-free 3D technology delivers a very engaging, intensive and unique play experience. IGT’s game design studios concentrate on creating game functionalities that support this great technology of 3D

“Teamwork makes the dream work”, as the saying goes. How does this relate to your job?

This is absolutely true, especially when working on big projects. As a designer I depend on my team. The better the teamwork - the better the product.

4D in Action

In your role, you’re required to be continuously creative. When do your best ideas hit you and what inspires you?

There isn’t a dedicated time or place to be creative, as great ideas can surface during sports or (lengthy) meetings. Inspiration also comes from conversations with colleagues or with people who are passionate about games.

What’s your favorite part of ICE London?

Of course I love showing our latest games but I also enjoy checking out new stuff from our competitors.

What was your most fun experience ever at a trade show?

I once met a slot player who was convinced that SPHINX 3D was developed by the Illuminati. He explained to me in detail why and how the Illuminati managed to bring ancient Egypt to a slot machine. This was hilarious.

What do you love most about your job?

The combination of arts and technology. I have a background in technical education (electronics engineer) but also worked several years as an artist and art director. I like to work in both fields and my role as a slot game designer gives me the opportunity to do that.

Franz PiererFranz Pierer
Game Producer
Designer, Gamer, Artist, Innovator.

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