ICE 2017 Here I Come!

ICE 2017 Here I Come

For many, Greece is a vacation destination but for Vasilis Stamopoulos, IGT regional sales manager, he calls it home. In his role, Vasilis travels to see customers to showcase IGT’s latest innovations.

Let’s talk about Vasilis’ perspective on this year’s show:

With so much planned for ICE, what are you most excited to show your customers?

Our new Premium product lineup is really propelling the next level of gaming entertainment, especially the CrystalCurve TRUE 4D, CrystalCurve ULTRA, and S3000 XL cabinets. Customers are already talking about them!

Vasilis Stamopoulos

In your opinion, how does this year’s show compare to year’s past?

This will be my tenth ICE show! Looking back, although the political climate in Europe has been dynamic, I believe this will be the biggest ICE show ever. It’s a show that brings a lot of value; most of the products already or soon to be available in the markets.

What’s your favorite part of ICE London?

I think all three days combine a great deal of hard work and fun, which I really enjoy. Interacting with customers, colleagues, and people from the gaming industry is what makes this whole experience so unique. It’s so intense but at the same time so rewarding!

The Voice SlotWhat’s the first thing that you usually do when you arrive in London for ICE?

I go straight to the IGT booth, because I can’t wait to see the new booth layout and which new products we plan to showcase.

What was your most fun experience at ICE London?

Two gentlemen came to the IGT booth a few years ago. After they gave me their business cards and a full introduction was made they looked at me in a serious way and said, “Do you have these games that players can play and when there is a police raid we can press the button and they disappear from the screens?” When they said that, at first I thought I did not hear well but when they repeated it I started laughing.  I politely explained to them that this is not the business we are in.

That’s a hilarious story! Diplomatic skills can never hurt. So what is it that you love most about your job?

I work for the best company that develops some of the most innovative products in the industry. Working with a solid team gives me a sense of satisfaction and balance, and why I love my job.

See you in London!

Vasilis StamopoulosVasilis Stamopoulos
Regional Sales Manager
A proud father a loving husband and someone you can depend on. 17 years in the gaming industry and I still feel very lucky doing what I do.

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