Innovation At Play – Art; Bred by Science and Technology

Art Bred by Science And Technology

I am so excited that it’s time to talk about ICE!  This is one of my favorite shows around the world and there is a beauty on the floor that is so easy to celebrate.

I love that there are innumerable enchanting stories woven across game screens, consoles and mobile devices with the solidity of mathematics behind the artwork.  The beauty and the science in life coming together to form art in entertainment. 

Innovation is bred from creativity unleashed coupled with the science and technology to bring an idea to life.  IGT is bringing innovation to the floor of ICE in unprecedented way, one in which we will all appreciate how it will leave its impression on the viewers, both players and operators.  ICE 2017 is the showcase where we launch the embodiment of bold ideas, beautiful art, ground breaking technology and a holistic view of IGT’s solutions that we offer to the international markets.

G2E saw the launch of SPHINX True 4D technology along with blockbuster titles like The Voice new Wheel of Fortune games, and the much talked about new cabinets – all innovations that we are excited to feature at ICE. Importantly, we have seen the return of dominant game performance across our new core video product and the expectation for our new games has invigorated our studios.  Certainly each on their own is a very big story and great achievement.  The reinvigorated Fort Knox, diversity HD with player-favorite game content, the indomitable S3000 and the entire suite of multi-level progressives join new technology.  Systems mobile products, ETG dynasty, skill-based gaming and the virtual reality game Siege prove that IGT has the most inventive and creative products that will perform across every segment of your floor!  All of our best ideas, coupled with technology, come to life in front of you at ICE 2017.

When the science of market research, the unwavering truth of mathematics and the stunning visuals of art and form factor design are combined together with the best of technology, it is truly a work of art.  IGT is displaying a full gallery this year and I eagerly anticipate showcasing every masterpiece.

Jennifer BowmanJennifer Bowman
Senior Director, Global Field Marketing – Gaming
Avid traveller, adventure seeker, joy-loving industry marketer whose laugh always reaches ears before she enters the room!

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