Say Hello To Systems

Say Hello To Systems

IGT systems solutions are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and our systems team is continuously looking to leverage new technologies in order to optimize our customers’ operations and to drive business forward. Bruno Ozenda, a long time Product Management Director at IGT, manages the systems product portfolio for the international market. He can’t wait to showcase our systems highlights at ICE and shares his insights on what’s to come:

With so much planned for this year’s ICE show, what are you the most excited about?

The growing value of our mobile portfolio is definitely exciting! With Cardless Connect, we have the perfect example of applying new technology to the casino business. This product carries a lot of added value and also signifies a lot of opportunity ahead.  In addition to Cardless Connect, we are presenting a wide range of mobile applications that are helping customers to significantly improve their efficiency by reducing reaction time on their casino floors.

In your opinion, how does this year’s show compare to year’s past?

This year will further demonstrate the successful merger of both companies. We have a comprehensive portfolio which addresses different kinds of operations and we can demonstrate the high flexibility of our systems platform which now allows us to bring key value features, such as our mobile apps, across multiple product lines in a timely manner.

Can you share your long-term vision for all our International systems with us?

The long term vision is to continue delivering the right solution to our customers while considering the scale and specifications of their operations - and, I think IGT’s technology strategy is the perfect answer to achieve this goal. It will allow us to deploy added value features quickly across various segments of the market and will reinforce IGT’s capability to deliver best-fit solutions. With products like Cardless Connect, we are demonstrating this high-value gaming solution is based on advanced technology, and available in various international market segments.

With only 3 more weeks to go, what’s the first thing that you usually do when you arrive in London for ICE?

Well, as far as my flight schedule allows, I try to get to our booth right after arriving. ICE is a major show for IGT and our booth is the result of a fantastic team job that has already started many months before. As anyone can imagine, trying to welcome our customers at our best and present them with our new products requires a lot of detail preparation. For months we’ve been looking at plans, so naturally the first thing you want to do is finally see it live!

Bruno Ozenda
Product Management Director, Systems
My professional life is all about software - after having graduated as software engineer, I developed software for the defense industry, but also worked for space and telecommunication industries before moving on to the gaming business.

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