What I Love About ICE

What I Love About ICE

I’ve been with IGT for more than three years and serve as a Product Manager based in London. I’m responsible for delivering new and innovative iLottery products and features, while exploring ways to improve existing solutions. It’s my job to ensure that we incorporate the best possible player experience into all our products.

ICE is one of the biggest trade shows of the year, and it is really exciting to showcase new products that have been developed during the previous year. The show is also a great gauge of how the market is moving and how competitors have responded to our initiatives.

One of the best things about the show is meeting with many of my colleagues who I work so closely with but don’t meet with in person very often! It’s great to be together and share ideas and prospects for the year ahead. Teamwork plays a crucial role in my job, and IGT is such a melting pot of innovation. Colleagues come together from all over the world to collaborate – we work with the product marketing team based in the US, with a design team in London, and technology teams in Poland and Italy. It is never one-man job to deliver our products – we need an army! Workshops and brainstorming sessions are a great way of bringing new and engaging ideas, and answering the “what if..?” questions. The people I work with bring a lot of positive energy and a creative attitude to the table, so it’s great to have a chance to meet up with them face to face.

This year at ICE, I’m most excited about presenting IGT PlaySpotTM iLottery, which launched as a pilot app in Rhode Island just before Christmas 2016.

The pilot launched in one retail store, and because the first week went extremely well which generated interest from other stores, we will be deploying more Rhode Island retail locations in the coming months. During the pilot, we conducted research amongst players who downloaded the Playspot app, played the games and in summary, their reaction was very positive: the app is exciting, fast and fun!

With PlaySpot iLottery, there is a tremendous amount of interest, not only in the US, but also in Europe and Asia. At the moment however, we just want to listen to our players and see what (if anything) we can improve in the player experience.

Aga Webb
iLottery Manager
Passionate about great User Experience and innovations in technology. Loves adventures and exploring the world.

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