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I have been involved in casino systems for over 25 years from both a supplier and operator perspective. Over this time, systems have transformed from being an optional back-office tool to an integral and strategic part of casino operations. Whether it’s to gain efficiencies, attract and retain players, or manage the gaming floor, the casino system is now pivotal to driving business.

Technology developments bring even more opportunities for casino operators through state-of the-art casino systems to enhance their player experiences and differentiate their offerings. One of the most exciting developments that I have seen in my career is our Cardless Connect product which revolutionises the player experience by removing the need for a physical player card. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, so for players to be able to simply tap their phone to be recognized, is truly leveraging the convenience of mobile technology. From there, any funds in a player’s casino account will automatically be loaded to the game, no need for cards or cash. I love that it is so simple! With Resort Wallet, funds can be used just as easily across the various outlets within a property and even at other properties within the group. What’s more, those funds can even be used for game play on your mobile with PlaySpot; it truly is an integrated and seamless experience.

It’s not only players who benefit from the ease of mobile, but operators too. New mobile products such as Mobile Responder, Mobile Host and Mobile Notifier, bring the operator closer to the action on the floor than ever before with up-to-the-minute information not only about player activity but also results and trends as they happen. Looking back, systems have developed leaps and bounds over the years.

Seeing Systems adding value and transforming operations is what I love most about my job. As IGT continues to lead the way with new technology, I know I will continue to have the opportunity to see IGT innovations making a difference for our customers; and there is nothing more rewarding than a happy customer!

Angela Houslay
Senior Director International Systems
Proud mother with tremendously supportive husband. 25 years in International gaming systems, has lived in 5 countries and is very happy to be in England now. Loves her tea and scones!



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