ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

Five months a year I have one word on the top of my mind – ICE.  Every moment, every day, for months on end I have the privilege of project managing IGT’s presence at ICE Totally Gaming in London.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love trade shows and my love for the gaming industry and ICE is absolutely electric! 

ShowFor IGT, ICE is the beginning of the fiscal as well as the calendar year and since ICE is held in February we get to bring our absolute best to market, early in the year and show our partners how we have realized innovation across creative and technological design. For me, every single day of the show I am reminded that I am in love with the gaming industry.  I love that the people who make up this unique industry are visionaries, innovators and even more importantly a group of friends that I am privileged to call peers.

What makes me so excited to work in marketing and be honored with managing IGT’s presence at ICE?  It most definitely is not the waking at 2:00 in the morning to jot down something that I need to ensure is executed.  However, it is the levity and the excitement combined of bringing our best to the market that drives that middle of the night moment.  How will IGT stay fresh?  How will our team craft an experience to launch our new products that is both compelling and entertaining to the market?  Will our customers be able to replicate this on their casino floors for players?  Can the team build a shared vision, stay focused and execute the hundreds of tasks needed for this exhibition? All of these questions are driven by my passion for IGT’s success at ICE.

Show PreparationThe answers are always varied and I usually discover several comical moments along the path each year. But what is consistent is the outpouring of support and belief from all project planning team members with a shared goal -- ICE is the proving ground for excellence.  The product and engineering teams that work so hard to develop products that will resonate with players walk hand- in-hand with marketing and operations to ensure IGT’s success at the show. The operations department deploys its army of experts across manufacturing and logistics to complete a smooth delivery with outstanding quality to be installed by our technical team. The technical team prepares, installs and supports the show from the first network cable on the floor to the final crate that is packed.

Every meeting, every moment of planning, the ICE planning team’s efforts are driven by the customer experience. How will we be able to create lasting memories? How will we say this year is one that is extraordinary? How will we rejoice in a job well done?  The answer is together, with joy in our hearts as we cross off the final item on the check list and IGT unveils the booth Designed to Entertain.

Jennifer BowmanJennifer Bowman
Senior Director, Gaming Marketing
Avid traveler, adventure seeker, joy-loving industry marketer whose laugh always reaches ears before she enters the room!

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