Winning Trends in 2018

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I’m a Senior Account Manager within IGT’s Interactive Instant Win team, based in London and looking after international customers in both the commercial and WLA space. Although I have visited ICE many times, this year will be the first time that I’ve attended in a customer-facing capacity making this year’s event even more exciting for me!

Lucky Falls InteractiveI work closely with our sales leads and customers to communicate our strategic approach and roadmaps and to report on performance for the product lines in each region. It’s my job to keep on top of industry trends and it’s fascinating to see how these will change and evolve throughout the year ahead.

This year, we’re seeing that mobile devices are still a growth market in our industry. While desktop interactive games remain popular, widely available, and are what many players are most comfortable with, mobile games are quickly becoming a major force in the casino industry. We’ve seen them trending upwards in just about every gaming market.

As many people know, mobile use is more about short bursts rather than long and steady interaction. Whether its two minutes to check a text message, social media post, or other interaction, mobile presents a different style of use, so awareness of that informs our mobile development. Players also expect a high-quality, seamless experience that’s consistent across a range of devices. They expect to put down their mobile phone, log onto to their desktop computer, and pick up right where they left off in a way that feels effortless.

Trends towards increasingly sophisticated play experiences are also reflected in the types of games that players want. They expect games to play more like a traditional video game would; giving them a deeper and richer experience that goes further than mere electronic versions of physical scratch cards.

From a lottery operator perspective, a trend we’ve seen is trying to use preferred product verticals to expose players to new games and to products in other verticals. Crossover between game themes and play types are being used to bring traditional lottery players into the interactive world and interactive players into the VLT environment. Marketing and game development efforts have become more sophisticated and are centered on bringing players across from one side to the other.

My countdown to ICE 2018 is all about building great customer relationships, and getting ready to showcase thrilling content, ‘Designed to Entertain’. My team and I can’t wait to show how we’ve interpreted these trends into exciting products our customers will love.


Sally Mohamed
Senior Account Manager, Interactive
Keen technologist, driven to deliver for IGT’s customers worldwide.

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