We started our G2E planning in April, and wow how time has flown! We started setting up the booth yesterday morning and our crew will work hard over the next five days to make certain everything is ready to wow when the show opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

I don’t think people realize how much work it takes to erect a double-decker booth structure with over 23 rooms, and to have over 300 machines installed and running. It really does take a village! Our video team just handed in their last video that will run on three new LCD screens that are more than 35-feet high…each!


On Tuesday, our 25,000 square foot booth space was completely empty. Rigging went up yesterday morning followed by electrical and cabling. Our team of more than 35 male and female technicians from across the country -- Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Mississippi, California and Illinois -- worked through the night to ensure the carpet could be laid this morning. Our team is now hard at work unloading the first of 19 trucks, with the shared focus of staying on schedule.

There aren’t many other companies in any industry, not just gaming, that are able to pull off such a feat! But we will get it done and to be honest, we will have fun doing it.

See you next week!

Liette Hebert & Staci Behnke
G2E 2018 Tradeshow Team

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