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The Eleventh Hour

Posted 10/8/2018 by Michael Brennan

With 19 trucks rolling into the Sands Convention Center unloading pallets and boxes that will compose IGT’s 2018 G2E product lineup as we speak, here are 9 ways defining how we got here, and how all of this comes together as a cohesive display of IGT’s vast and diverse product portfolio.


The Final Countdown

Posted 10/4/2018 by Liette Hebert & Staci Behnke

We started our G2E planning in April, and wow how time has flown! We started setting up the booth yesterday morning and our crew will work hard over the next five days to make certain everything is ready to wow when the show opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.


Winning Trends in 2018

Posted 2/1/2018 by Sally Mohamed

Blog Header Sally Mohamed

I’m a Senior Account Manager within IGT’s Interactive Instant Win team, based in London and looking after international customers in both the commercial and WLA space. Although I have visited ICE many times, this year will be the first time that I’ve attended in a customer-facing capacity making this year’s event even more exciting for me!


Paving the Way for Connected Play

Posted 1/30/2018 by Cameron Filipour

Cam Filipour Blog Header

2018 is an exciting year to be making skill-based gambling games.  IGT innovations and game mechanics that have been developed and patented quietly over the past decade are now moving out of whisper suites and onto the ICE show floor. 


It's the Small Pieces that Make the Big Picture

Posted 1/25/2018 by Michael Kos

M. Kos Blog Header image

It truly takes a village to prepare for a large trade show like ICE. Watch Michael Kos, Product Marketing Manager EMEA and LAC at IGT, talk about responsibilities of his team:


All Systems Go

Posted 1/23/2018 by Angela Houslay

I have been involved in casino systems for over 25 years from both a supplier and operator perspective. Over this time, systems have transformed from being an optional back-office tool to an integral and strategic part of casino operations. Whether it’s to gain efficiencies, attract and retain players, or manage the gaming floor, the casino system is now pivotal to driving business. 


Interactive's Game-Changers

Posted 1/18/2018 by Mark Claxton

I have been with IGT for just over a year and I cannot wait for my second ICE experience.  Based in the UK, at the heart of IGT’s most mature Interactive market, I am responsible for driving our strategy for content design and development, so we can continue to release top-performing games for our Interactive customers throughout the world.


Designing Entertainment Every Moment, Every Day

Posted 1/11/2018 by Guenter Bluemel

Guenter Bluemel, Vice President Content and Product Management International, can’t wait to show you all of our latest and greatest products at ICE London – watch him as he shares a sneak peek with us: 


ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

Posted 1/10/2018 by Jennifer Bowman

ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

Five months a year I have one word on the top of my mind – ICE.  Every moment, every day, for months on end I have the privilege of project managing IGT’s presence at ICE Totally Gaming in London.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love trade shows and my love for the gaming industry and ICE is absolutely electric!


Lets Play

Posted 9/26/2017 by Liette Hebert

To get a sneak peek into what we will be showing or playing at this year’s show, we caught up with Mike Brennan, our Senior Director of Product Management to see if he could share a few tidbits with us. He was hard to catch, but I succeeded in getting his perspective on a few questions for us.



IGT Poised to Dominate Core Casino

Posted 9/22/2017 by David Flinn

G2E is once again upon us! The Product, Technology and Marketing Teams at IGT have been burning the midnight oil since the carpet was pulled up from last year’s show to make sure our offering in 2017 continues to provide industry-leading content, cabinet and technology solutions!

While our portfolio has made great strides across the entire spectrum, I would like to focus on one particular segment…for sale cabinets and content. This business has been stripped down and transformed in the last 18 months and the benefits have been slowly building to the crescendo you will see at this year’s show.


The Homestretch!

Posted 9/18/2017 by Liette Hebert

With G2E mere weeks away, our teams are feverishly working to get everything done before we start packing our trucks; we are officially in the homestretch.

Our show tagline this year is “Let’s Play,” which builds on last year’s theme; Innovation at Play. One of the things I like about this tagline is that it speaks to where we are as a company at this very moment and it is a call to action….Let’s Play!


Catch the Winning Spirit at NIGA

Posted 4/10/2017 by Allison Alexander


Most of us in gaming are familiar with this conversation:  The moment when the person next to you on a plane or at a party finds out you’re in gaming and asks if you can tell them what games are going to hit a big jackpots next.

We chuckle as if it’s the first time someone has made that joke, maybe then counter with a “believe me, if I knew that…” line.  But, it hardly satisfies the inquiry.  So, over the years, I’ve developed a new response that has me feeling like E.F. Hutton when others start listening in and even taking notes.


Tradition & Innovation Make for a Bright Future at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention

Posted 4/6/2017 by Knute Knudson

For 25 years, I’ve attended the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention.  And, every year, I look forward to reuniting with trusted friends and meeting emerging leaders in the Tribal Gaming community.

To many, myself included, this annual event is regarded as the pinnacle of tradition and inspiration.  Its reach extends beyond gaming because its message and purpose transcend technological developments and its commitment to future generations empowers everyone in attendance.


It’s a Wrap!

Posted 2/14/2017 by Nadine Levermann

For 25 years, I’ve attended the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention. And, every year, I look forward to reuniting with trusted friends and meeting emerging leaders in the Tribal Gaming community.

To many, myself included, this annual event is regarded as the pinnacle of tradition and inspiration. Its reach extends beyond gaming because its message and purpose transcend technological developments and its commitment to future generations empowers everyone in attendance.


Skilling Me Softly

Posted 2/2/2017 by Jacob Lanning

John Ruskin, a leading English art critic of the Victorian era, once said: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Jacob Lanning, IGT’s VP, International Market Strategy, certainly illustrates tremendous passion for skill-based gaming. When he talks about the skills needed to create a product that is absolutely tailored towards players’ needs, we can’t wait to share with you the latest masterpieces of skill-based games at this year’s ICE!


The countdown is on!

Posted 2/1/2017 by Nadine Levermann

Only a few more days until ICE Totally Gaming 2017 opens its doors at the ExCeL exhibition center in London and the excitement is rising every day until we unveil Innovation at Play.

Loose ends are coming together and we’re starting to see the complete picture. All involved departments are checking off line items on their to-do lists and the regular status update meetings become shorter each week.


What I Love About ICE

Posted 1/31/2017 by Aga Webb

I’ve been with IGT for more than three years and serve as a Product Manager based in London. I’m responsible for delivering new and innovative iLottery products and features, while exploring ways to improve existing solutions. It’s my job to ensure that we incorporate the best possible player experience into all our products.


Say Hello To Systems

Posted 1/30/2017 by Bruno Ozenda

IGT systems solutions are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and our systems team is continuously looking to leverage new technologies in order to optimize our customers’ operations and to drive business forward. Bruno Ozenda, a long time Product Management Director at IGT, manages the systems product portfolio for the international market. He can’t wait to showcase our systems highlights at ICE and shares his insights on what’s to come:


Innovation At Play – Art; Bred by Science and Technology

Posted 1/26/2017 by Jennifer Bowman

I am so excited that it’s time to talk about ICE!  This is one of my favorite shows around the world and there is a beauty on the floor that is so easy to celebrate.

I love that there are innumerable enchanting stories woven across game screens, consoles and mobile devices with the solidity of mathematics behind the artwork.  The beauty and the science in life coming together to form art in entertainment.

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