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Why I love ICE

Posted 1/27/2016 by Jennifer Bowman

I love ICE! More accurately, I love trade shows! There is no better way to capture the energy and love that individuals have for an industry under one single roof than at a show.

I think of a trade show as an iceberg.  What the world sees is only 10 percent of all the actual effort that goes into a successful event. It’s only the 10 percent that gets to shine brightly in the sun on display, but oh what a sight it is to behold!

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Innovation At Play – Art; Bred by Science and Technology

Posted 1/26/2017 by Jennifer Bowman

I am so excited that it’s time to talk about ICE!  This is one of my favorite shows around the world and there is a beauty on the floor that is so easy to celebrate.

I love that there are innumerable enchanting stories woven across game screens, consoles and mobile devices with the solidity of mathematics behind the artwork.  The beauty and the science in life coming together to form art in entertainment.

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ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

Posted 1/10/2018 by Jennifer Bowman

ICE: Every Moment, Every Experience

Five months a year I have one word on the top of my mind – ICE.  Every moment, every day, for months on end I have the privilege of project managing IGT’s presence at ICE Totally Gaming in London.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love trade shows and my love for the gaming industry and ICE is absolutely electric!

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