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Here we go again

Posted 12/21/2015 by Nadine Levermann

Although I have organized numerous trade shows in my 13 years in this industry, the upcoming ICE is extra special.

This is the first ICE show which we attend as the new IGT – the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company. This obviously brings a lot of changes with it. The most obvious being the sheer size of our booth. A staggering 1300m² have to be filled with products and a good infrastructure has to be created. It is quite overwhelming thinking of the 200+ products that we will be exhibiting. But when I get nervous, my trusty booth designer just keeps telling me “it’s the same thing as every year, just a bit bigger”. And I guess he is right. On the plus side, in addition to my colleagues that I have known and worked with for years, I have plenty of new colleagues all over the world who help me organizing this event.

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Day 2 off to a great start

Posted 2/4/2015 by Nadine Levermann

The build-up team had to wrap up well over the weekend to stand up against the freezing cold temperatures in the ExCeL exhibition center.  But except for the cold the build-up went very smoothly and everything on the GTECH booth was finished well in time.

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Ready, steady,….

Posted 1/30/2015 by Nadine Levermann

Today I am heading to London to start with the build-up for ICE. The airport security staff at my home airport was on strike yesterday, so fingers crossed that I make it there without major delays.

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The Technical Service team

Posted 1/6/2015 by Nadine Levermann


Every year I am the first to arrive in London for the ICE set-up. But soon to follow is always Guido Bessler with his technical service team. They are the guys in charge of setting up all the machines and signages. Together we have travelled many countries and set-up numerous trade show booths over the years.

Guido, ICE 2015 is just around the corner, any thoughts on it?

This is the 17th ICE show that I will be working at. On the one hand I and my team are very experienced by now and there is nothing much that can surprise us anymore. But on the other hand there is something new every year and that is great because this way the show set-up never gets boring.

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It’s a wrap!

Posted 3/4/2015 by Nadine Levermann

While the ICE Totally Gaming show has been over for some weeks now, the work on ICE 2015 is not quite finished yet. While the sales team is working on the leads they gathered at the show, marketing has conducted their annual ICE feedback survey to look at further improvements for 2016. Hotel rates for 2016 are being compared and show reports are being written.

This year’s ICE was again very successful and we appreciate everybody who came to see us on the booth. We look forward to the year ahead and meeting all of you again sooner or later.

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That’s a wrap!

Posted 2/17/2016 by Nadine Levermann

Back in my office in Germany, the ICE show already feels like a long time ago. After months of preparation for the first ICE Totally Gaming as the new IGT, the three-day show passed extremely quickly.

The week in London was packed with meeting lots of new colleagues as well as those that I have known for years. It is also great to engage with our customers in person, beyond the communication we have with them during the year, which is mostly limited to phone calls and emails.

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It’s a Wrap!

Posted 2/14/2017 by Nadine Levermann

For 25 years, I’ve attended the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention. And, every year, I look forward to reuniting with trusted friends and meeting emerging leaders in the Tribal Gaming community.

To many, myself included, this annual event is regarded as the pinnacle of tradition and inspiration. Its reach extends beyond gaming because its message and purpose transcend technological developments and its commitment to future generations empowers everyone in attendance.

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The countdown is on!

Posted 2/1/2017 by Nadine Levermann

Only a few more days until ICE Totally Gaming 2017 opens its doors at the ExCeL exhibition center in London and the excitement is rising every day until we unveil Innovation at Play.

Loose ends are coming together and we’re starting to see the complete picture. All involved departments are checking off line items on their to-do lists and the regular status update meetings become shorter each week.

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Chop Chop

Posted 1/16/2017 by Nadine Levermann

Our Social Media Manager has been asking quite a few times already for my article to kick off our ICE event blog. Although I love to participate in the event blog, the deadline to submit a blog catches me during the busiest time of the year for me. It feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.

As Leonard Bernstein once rightly said: “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” We have both, so my colleagues and I dive deep into all the final ICE preparations as we enter the countdown to the show.

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