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Meet the Service Team

Posted 9/28/2015 by Sandra Fitzpatrick

Our theme for this year’s G2E is “Your Winning Combination.” This message is meant to describe the end-to-end portfolio of gaming solutions from Interactive to systems, and from games to hardware that we deliver to our valued Customers from around the world. The theme can also be applied to the team behind G2E – the engine that drives IGT’s sprawling exhibit at North America’s largest gaming trade show.

In today’s blog we will meet a few of the service professional who play integral roles IGT’s G2E booth set up.

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Meet the Team: Jennifer Fales

Posted 9/23/2015 by Sandra Fitzpatrick

Some use the phrase “It takes a village” to describe the teamwork required to pull off a project as large as IGT’s G2E booth. We feel, however that the teamwork needed to produce a trade show booth as dynamic as IGT’s can be better described as the work of an entire state…. and not just any state! We’re talking a big, Texas-sized state!

Over the next two weeks we will introduce you to some of the IGT team members who have worked behind-the-scenes on this year’s G2E. Our next two blog posts will feature “The Jennifer’s”. Yes we have two of them – Jennifer Fales and Jennifer Bowman, both IGT Directors for Marketing. They are integral players in making G2E 2015 a successful event and helping to ensure that our booth demonstrates the Winning Combination of the new IGT.

Jennifer Fales

Let’s start with Jennifer Fales:

Jennifer can you describe the role of you and your team?
My team and I oversee all marketing activity for the Casino Premium product category.  Products range from Wheel of Fortune and MegaBucks to Ellen and culturally enriched titles like San Xing Bao Xi. 

How long have you been with the company?
I’ve been with IGT for just over 3 years and spent 9 years on the operator side before joining the company. 

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