Senior Director, Gaming Marketing

Avid traveler, adventure seeker, joy-loving industry marketer whose laugh always reaches ears before she enters the room!

Vice President Content and Product Management International

Passionate about Games of any kind – like board games, video game and slots 20+ year Gaming Industry Veteran - Innovation evangelist and committed to enrich / enhance the player’s experience

Producer, Lighthouse Studio

Gaming enthusiast and inventor with 11 years of industry experience

Senior Account Manager, Interactive

Keen technologist, driven to deliver for IGT’s customers worldwide.

Head of Content - UK/EMEA

Avid Slot Machine Fan, Gambling Industry Veteran, creating a better content future for IGT – today!

Senior Director International Systems

Proud mother with tremendously supportive husband. 25 years in International gaming systems, has lived in 5 countries and is very happy to be in England now. Loves her tea and scones!

Vice President Business Development and Tribal Relations.
iLottery Manager

Passionate about great User Experience and innovations in technology. Loves adventures and exploring the world.

Product Management Director, Systems

My professional life is all about software - after having graduated as software engineer, I developed software for the defense industry, but also worked for space and telecommunication industries before moving on to the gaming business.

Director - Product Marketing Interactive Special Projects

Proud Dad, humble product ninja. Web maven, problem solver, putting the player at the heart of everything we do.

Product Marketing / Sales Account Manager

Gained extensive experience in gaming operations during her 15-year tenure.  Communicates with passion & enthusiasm!

Technical Project Manager

Based in Amsterdam and has been with the Company for 21 years! Plays a significant role within our large team operating behind-the-scenes of big trade shows such as ICE.

Regional Sales Manager

A proud father, a loving husband and someone you can depend on. 17 years in the gaming industry and I still feel very lucky doing what I do.

Director, Advanced Research and Innovation

Passionate about anticipating future player needs and shaping tomorrow´s gambling experiences.

VP Premium Game Studios

Over 20 years of experience across all development disciplines. Now based in the US but cannot shake the Australian accent. Loves to play and make slot games.

Systems Product Management

The value in a Product is in what gets used, not in what gets built - it’s my job to find those distinctions and get products in the hands of our customers.

Senior Content Manager

Veteran Game Producer, singer, songwriter & musician. Avid traveler and huge fan of creating content and Collaborative Creativity.

Sr. Content Manager

Loves skiing, biking, sailing, hiking with family and friends. Wheel enthusiast.

Senior Content Manager – Video Poker

Lives and breathes the player experience. Located in Reno, NV with his lovely wife and 2 young daughters.

Product Marketing Manager

Driven to create new and unique experiences for users with the latest technology and delivery methods.

Sr. Director, Product Management

A doppelgänger to Wilmer Valderrama with notable sock game.

Product Market Manager

Has been with IGT for 10 years. Enjoys skiing, triathlon, Lake Tahoe, hiking, camping, boating and gaming.

Marketing Manager, Public Gaming
VP/GM IGT Systems

20-year high-tech veteran with experience developing products and services for growth companies of various sizes.

Marketing Manager Product Marketing

Serial Chips & Salsa eater, Avid Coffee Connoisseur, Make-Up Loving, Costumer and Halloween Madwomen, Creative Maker of Things, proud Mamma and 15+ years Marketing Professional

Director Global Corporate Communications
Public Relations Manager

We are the storytellers and gatekeepers. As a team, we manage all gaming-related global communications internally and externally. We’re sharing the excitement about IGT’s coolest innovations at ICE!.

Game Producer

Mathematician, Ski- and Snowboardinstructor, DJ, Host of Karaokeshows, Master of Ceremony for Spielo Austria Christmas celebration parties.

Business Development Manager

Exploring the new. Amazed by technology, innovation, and my offspring. Enjoying picture, sound, motion, and treat.

Game Producer

Designer, Gamer, Artist, Innovator.

Senior Product Manager

Economist, science fiction nerd. Enjoys working in the casino industry, hardly ever leaves a party among the first and is looking forward to ICE 2015.

Product Marketing Manager EMEA and LAC

Trying to place and advertise our products in a right way on the Casino floors. Give our market a voice in IGT. Thinking on how to do that during trips in the alps all over the year.

Content Manager

Passionate about travelling and discovering the world. Enjoys photography and riding motorbikes. Single source of greatest pride: My daughter, Jana.

Vice President of Mobile

Mobile evangelist and committed early adopter of technologies of all kinds.

Senior Marketing Manager

Responsible for planning, organizing and managing everything related to Marketing for Latin America, but also a mum, wife, friend, daughter, psychologist and confidant… loves to sing and dance!

Senior Manager of Casino and Content - Interactive

Life-Long Gamer of all things. Wearer of exquisite Star Wars T-shirts.

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