G2E 2016

Innovation Well-Played!

Posted 10/6/2016 by Liette Hebert

Five days of set up, three days of presenting our new products, and two days to tear everything down and ship it out have flown by; G2E is all over for another year. I think it’s safe to say that this was IGT’s best G2E showcase in history! We were tasked with demonstrating our innovations to customers, the industry, and even ourselves that we are now the “new” IGT.


The Excitement Builds

Posted 9/26/2016 by John Duffy

The lead up to G2E is always hectic, and it’s the type of hectic that the studio teams thrive on. The opportunity to showcase the last twelve months of development to the market is always exciting.

Everything needs to come together perfectly to make this year’s G2E a show for the record books. From new concepts, through pre-production and then the execution, every step of the game development process is intense, fresh, exciting and fun – this really is a great job.


Bring on the Mobile

Posted 9/24/2016 by Rachelle Rabago

G2E 2016, here we come!  I’m part of the Systems Product Management Team and ecstatic to demo our new IGT Cardless Connect Product to operators and slot enthusiasts.  The future of the plastic loyalty card is all about mobile technologies.  IGT Cardless Connect technology brings players loyalty card access right from their mobile device.


It’s here!

Posted 9/23/2016 by Liette Hebert

All of our hard work and preparation has led to this moment: it’s time to set up! As people walk into the convention center on Tuesday, they will be impressed by how amazing everything looks; the machines line up in perfect banks, all shiny and new.

To further capture what happens behind the scenes: it’s getting 400 machines set up in four-and-a-half days in a 25,000-square-foot booth. To put that into perspective, it’s like erecting a small casino!


What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been

Posted 9/22/2016 by Peter Post

With the merger well behind us, we’ve spent the last year working like crazy to get our games ready for the show and it’s been quite a trip. We’re in the final sprint to cross the G2E finish line. To say I’m proud of what we’ve done is an understatement. I’m blown away. I’ve spent the year working with many of our studios who are making some exceptional games. Lately, as these projects are coming together and getting their last-minute polish, we hear the word ‘wow’ a lot. I suspect we’ll hear it a lot more once the show opens in a few weeks.


Wheel of Fortune® Slots: Where Innovation and Fandom Come Together

Posted 9/21/2016 by Boris Hallerbach

It has been my privilege to look after the Wheel of Fortune slots portfolio for more than 12 years.  Every year, I look forward to G2E where IGT’s products shine as we unveil our latest and greatest games.

Wheel of Fortune slots has a legacy of games more than any other brand. This is a game that consistently performs in the market, but really, it has always been about the players.  Wheel of Fortune fans are different.  They are what make this product so special.


Making a Sequel

Posted 9/20/2016 by Trevor Lynch

When our longtime partners, Action Gaming, approached us last year with a game introduced as, ‘Freakin’ Streakin’, the room was abuzz with optimism. We knew we’d experienced something special, and knew we had do it right. It reminded me of a Star Wars script that 30 years later allowed for the reappearance of a great character in the sequel, Star Wars VII.


Innovations That Make Life Easier

Posted 9/19/2016 by Christian Bugno

I love attending G2E, even though it can be a very hectic three days! One of the best things about my job is presenting new and exciting products like IGT PlaySpotTM to customers, and where better to showcase it than Las Vegas, the home of gaming!

When talking to customers at the show, innovation is a word that we are always happy to hear in relation to our concept. To us, it means bringing together new ways of doing things; getting inspiration from other industries and technologies; studying player trends on mobile gaming and console gaming; then applying what we learn to create exciting gaming concepts.


If you can’t beat ‘em…

Posted 9/16/2016 by Dustin Dunn

Growing up, I loved nothing more than watching Loony Tunes on Saturday mornings.  Bugs Bunny’s quotes have always stuck with me.  One apropos quote of his that describes my career move to IGT is, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”


What inspires me for G2E?

Posted 9/15/2016 by Alex White

Every year, the culmination of passions, struggles, and late night heroics starts and ends with G2E. It’s the finish line for many products, but it’s also the starting line for many more.

Viewing your competition’s playbook for three short days is incredibly inspiring. It provides insight into how others are addressing similar, if not identical problems and opportunities… the same ones we wrestle with daily.

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