ICE 2015

It’s a wrap!

Posted 3/4/2015 by Nadine Levermann

While the ICE Totally Gaming show has been over for some weeks now, the work on ICE 2015 is not quite finished yet. While the sales team is working on the leads they gathered at the show, marketing has conducted their annual ICE feedback survey to look at further improvements for 2016. Hotel rates for 2016 are being compared and show reports are being written.

This year’s ICE was again very successful and we appreciate everybody who came to see us on the booth. We look forward to the year ahead and meeting all of you again sooner or later.


Day 2 off to a great start

Posted 2/4/2015 by Nadine Levermann

The build-up team had to wrap up well over the weekend to stand up against the freezing cold temperatures in the ExCeL exhibition center.  But except for the cold the build-up went very smoothly and everything on the GTECH booth was finished well in time.


A new star is born!

Posted 2/2/2015 by Stefan Lackner

It is always a big thing for a Product Manager to present your products to customers. But this year at ICE, I am more excited than ever. Our brand new QUASAR™ VLT cabinet will be unveiled and hit the center stage at one of the largest gaming events in the world. And I hope … no, I am sure this product will set a new benchmark in the VLT market segment.


ICE Training for GTECH Gaming Sales Team

Posted 2/1/2015 by Michael Kos

This year, our ICE pre-show training and sales meeting was held at our offices in Luebbecke, Germany , offering a perfect training setting with  a nice meeting room and a showroom packed with our newest products.


Ready, steady,….

Posted 1/30/2015 by Nadine Levermann

Today I am heading to London to start with the build-up for ICE. The airport security staff at my home airport was on strike yesterday, so fingers crossed that I make it there without major delays.


Progressive and Multigame News from GTECH

Posted 1/29/2015 by Gerhard Reiter

First of all: I’d like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I hope it’s not too late.

Another exciting year passed by. As Content Manager at GTECH responsible for our Multigame and Progressive product lines I felt last year was a challenging, yet exciting year. Besides doing strategic planning for existing library for both product lines we already worked full steam ahead in our planning of our future products. Our long lasting multigame brand diversity™ will once again be one of our highlights at this year’s ICE show. Last year we released 6 diversity™ multigame packages with 6 more to come this year!


Welcome to Peak Smartphone – the beginning of the end?

Posted 1/27/2015 by Charles Cohen

When pretty much everyone in a country who wants a smartphone has a smartphone, congratulations – you’ve reached Peak Smartphone.

For many, this is a very happy place to be, this state of universal plugged-in-ness. Let us rejoice! Throw a tickertape parade, take our families for a picnic and post everything on Instagram.

It is pretty remarkable. Less than ten years have passed since Steve Jobs first dangled the techno paradise of the iPhone before us, what with its promise of redemption from missed emails, a permanent connection to the universe (World Wide Web, same thing), and eternal damnation for Nokia. January 2007, that was – a different era.


TRUE 3D™ from a Product Manager’s Perspective

Posted 1/26/2015 by Matthias Kropf

Dan Landry and myself are Product Managers for GTECH’s TRUE 3D product line. Dan is taking care of the hardware and especially the merchandizing, whilst I’m responsible for the overall business case and the platform software.

The TRUE 3D™ product line was launched for international markets at ICE 2014, so in the past year we focused on the support of the initial installations and on identifying and quickly solving any potential technical issues that might have shown up during these installations.


Proven content in new channels

Posted 1/23/2015 by Bernd Wenzl

At GTECH, we are well aware that our games are really what matters – they are our main differentiator and we always strive to create top-performing games that players love. Games are at the heart of our activities, our focus and our passion. The gaming business is all about content and making that content available to consumers who are eager to enjoy new playing experiences and innovations on a constant basis. With that in mind we are constantly looking to make successful content available to other markets, gaming segments and across different channels.


ICE 2015 - GTECH™ Casino on home turf

Posted 1/21/2015 by Bryan Upton

Another year came to end and a new one to begin – with so much promise on the horizon.  G2E ‘14 was unprecedented in terms of interest for our interactive Casino products. Being predominantly a land-based gaming show it was higher than previous years, which is great achievement for our team and the compelling new offer we are building.  Setting our sights firmly on 2015 we have challenging plans.

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