ICE 2017

It’s a Wrap!

Posted 2/14/2017 by Nadine Levermann

For 25 years, I’ve attended the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention. And, every year, I look forward to reuniting with trusted friends and meeting emerging leaders in the Tribal Gaming community.

To many, myself included, this annual event is regarded as the pinnacle of tradition and inspiration. Its reach extends beyond gaming because its message and purpose transcend technological developments and its commitment to future generations empowers everyone in attendance.


Skilling Me Softly

Posted 2/2/2017 by Jacob Lanning

John Ruskin, a leading English art critic of the Victorian era, once said: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Jacob Lanning, IGT’s VP, International Market Strategy, certainly illustrates tremendous passion for skill-based gaming. When he talks about the skills needed to create a product that is absolutely tailored towards players’ needs, we can’t wait to share with you the latest masterpieces of skill-based games at this year’s ICE!


The countdown is on!

Posted 2/1/2017 by Nadine Levermann

Only a few more days until ICE Totally Gaming 2017 opens its doors at the ExCeL exhibition center in London and the excitement is rising every day until we unveil Innovation at Play.

Loose ends are coming together and we’re starting to see the complete picture. All involved departments are checking off line items on their to-do lists and the regular status update meetings become shorter each week.


What I Love About ICE

Posted 1/31/2017 by Aga Webb

I’ve been with IGT for more than three years and serve as a Product Manager based in London. I’m responsible for delivering new and innovative iLottery products and features, while exploring ways to improve existing solutions. It’s my job to ensure that we incorporate the best possible player experience into all our products.


Say Hello To Systems

Posted 1/30/2017 by Bruno Ozenda

IGT systems solutions are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and our systems team is continuously looking to leverage new technologies in order to optimize our customers’ operations and to drive business forward. Bruno Ozenda, a long time Product Management Director at IGT, manages the systems product portfolio for the international market. He can’t wait to showcase our systems highlights at ICE and shares his insights on what’s to come:


Innovation At Play – Art; Bred by Science and Technology

Posted 1/26/2017 by Jennifer Bowman

I am so excited that it’s time to talk about ICE!  This is one of my favorite shows around the world and there is a beauty on the floor that is so easy to celebrate.

I love that there are innumerable enchanting stories woven across game screens, consoles and mobile devices with the solidity of mathematics behind the artwork.  The beauty and the science in life coming together to form art in entertainment.


Have An ‘ICE’ Day!

Posted 1/25/2017 by Alan Mackey

I’ve been with IGT for 22 years and have experienced several ICE shows! My career began with GTECH, when we helped to set up The National Lottery in the UK.  Since then, my career has been very dynamic and I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, spending long periods working in Australia and North America, while taking on different roles to keep the challenges fresh and exciting.


The Heart Of The System

Posted 1/24/2017 by Alexandra Comman

Alexandra Comman works as a Product Marketing / Sales Account Manager for strategic accounts at IGT. In her Product Marketing Manager role, she focuses on driving demand and adoption of our key systems products by defining product positioning and key messages while also fostering the product launch process.


The GoTo Guy

Posted 1/23/2017 by Edwin van der Putte

Project managers are said to be one of the most creative pro’s in the world – they need to figure out everything that could go wrong before it does.

Edwin van der Putte, IGT Technical Project Manager is based in Amsterdam and has been with the Company for 21 years! He plays a significant role within our large team operating behind-the-scenes of big trade shows such as ICE.

With substantial experience gained as a field service engineer and product support specialist, in addition to working with the product realization organization (PRO), he certainly has a few stories to share. Today we gain some insight into his routine leading up to ICE.


ICE 2017 Here I Come!

Posted 1/20/2017 by Vasilis Stamopoulos

For many, Greece is a vacation destination but for Vasilis Stamopoulos, IGT regional sales manager, he calls it home. In his role, Vasilis travels to see customers to showcase IGT’s latest innovations.

Let’s talk about Vasilis’ perspective on this year’s show:

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